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AYCO’s mission is “…to settle the past, engage the present and hope for the future.”

UPLIFT-Youth Services

AYCO UPLIFT youth participate in athletics programs, academic support, and culturally specific mentorship. Efforts to develop leadership and strengthen cultural identity are incorporated in all activities.

Health & Disability

AYCO supports individuals with disabilities and their families by fostering community awareness, advocacy, and facilitating access to vital resources.

UPLIFT-Family Services

AYCO UPLIFT parents support can participate in ESL classes, Education Task Force parent groups, and community engagement programs. advocacy, Skilled cultural brokers offer support for addressing broad ranging challenges related to language and unfamiliar cultural expectations.

Psycho-Social Services

AYCO approaches individuals and families with commitment to a holistic approach that is trauma-informed and attentive to the emotional, spiritual, cultural, familial and community strengths and needs of participants in our programs and services.

What’s New

808, 2019

AYCO Youth Field trip to Oxbow Regional Park

August 8th, 2019|

AYCO seeks to address the unique hurdles faced by African refugees and immigrants. Immigrant lack of foundational civic, cultural and educational knowledge affect their health, education, employment, housing, family stress, emotional isolation and discrimination. This population is largely a tight-knit community who greatly value and trust. AYCO as a guiding [...]

407, 2019

AYCO Annual Eid Basketball Tournment

July 4th, 2019|

June, 2019 we held our Annual Basketball Tournement at Jackson Middle school and hosted more than 30 teams. Age 11-20. AYCO's anuualy basketball is geared 2019 toward Portland’s immigrant population and focused especially on helping youth of Somali and east African descent meet the challenges of life in a new [...]

2306, 2019

AYCO 10th, Annual Soccer Tournament

June 23rd, 2019|

Since 2009 we are dedicated and diverse team that foster Education, Employment and Independence.  Our Youth development programs are continue growing more than ever. June was a big and busy month for us we held Portland-World-Soccer. As many of you know AYCO is the founder of previousely known Portland World [...]

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