Youth & Family Services

Youth & Family Services:
AYCO provides critical support for immigrant refugee families, youth and children while they face many challenges. Our agency has close working partnerships with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to reach hundreds of students and family members throughout the Portland Metro area. AYCO seeks to improve communication and understanding of cultural diversity faced on a daily basis.
Taking a multi-pronged approach to support families, youth and students with critical academic skills, and identity and connection to their new community, AYCO provides the following successful programs, services and resources :

  • Academic support
  • Youth leadership
  • Parent engagement
  • Cultural and language classes through out the year
  • Organized sports programs such as soccer, basketball, and truck, which serve as a critical connection point to their American peers
  • Mentor programs

Through all of these programs we strive to provide youth & family from unstructured backgrounds with confidence building tools and strong leadership skills. Many of our participants have gone on to college and continue to hold leadership roles within the organization or other society.
AYCO is developing enduring partnerships with relevant institutions promoting African immigrant and refugee integration and success. AYCO’s deep roots and service within this under-served have built a strong reputation and bond of trust with youth & families.

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