about us

AYCO’s mission statement is “…to settle the past, engage the present and hope for the future.”

Since 2009 African Youth & Community Organization (AYCO) has been serving immigrant refugee in Portland Metro areas. We provide assist aimed education, empowerment, independence and  more…

Education for all
AYCO offers academic programs; computer literacy, homework help, tutoring, citizenship classes for adult and social integration, and Sports programs such as soccer, basketball and track ages between 9-20 years old.

Empowerment for all ages
AYCO advocates for the rights of African refugees and immigrants -based education, family and youth empowerment programs and civic engagement, parent engagement workshops also provide community leadership programs.

AYCO helps refugees navigate systems such as housing, healthcare, employment and education to become self-sufficient in their transition.

AYCO was founded and continues to be run by active members of the community being served, or who have developed a deep understanding of the community and it’s needs. As a result, AYCO has the cultural expertise and experience to develop student support programs and cultural sensitivity trainings that are culturally appropriate, accurate, and highly effective.  Since it’s foundation in 2009, AYCO’s leaders have served as figures of support and guidance for the local African immigrant and refugee community.  AYCO is well known and trusted within this community.