Health & Disability

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AYCO Health care and Disability services aim to bridge the gaps in services experienced by new immigrants. Our staff provide knowledgeable guidance through health care and disability resources, with understanding of the language and culture of those seeking this support.

Healthcare and Disability Cultural brokers offer:

  • Assistance navigating complicated healthcare systems, insurance, treatment plans, unfamiliar healthcare procedures and expectations, forms and assessments.
  • Assistance navigating and accessing complicated disability resources.
  • Support families in understanding the needs, challenges and strengths of family members who have disabilities.
  • Referral to appropriate supports and services, and advocacy when these services are limited in their capacity to understand the linguistic and cultural perspectives of patients/clients.
  • Assessment of East African immigrant families who are struggling to address complex healthcare concerns and/or disabilities. AYCO staff thoughtfully engage referred patients in an assessment that seeks understanding of culture related concerns that may surface with a culturally and linguistically familiar contact. A two-way exchange enhances cultural understanding in healthcare settings as well as family understanding of complex healthcare systems.

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