Psycho-Social Services

Psycho-Social Services 2018-06-21T08:04:06+00:00

AYCO provides supports and services that are trauma-informed and attentive to the emotional, spiritual, cultural, familial and community strengths and needs of participants in our programs and services. This focus is infused in all programs and services. Our capacity to attend to the mental health concerns of immigrant families is expanding with a reflection of cultural resilience and collective healing.

The AYCO community participates in:

  • AYCO strengthens culturally guided efforts to promote healing and well-being in East African immigrant communities.
  • Community healing workshops: These workshops engage participants in a process of understanding the impact of trauma and the capacity of resilience, while incorporating personal and collective experiences and knowledge. These workshops are designed to reflect the needs of participants. Participants may consist of providers/staff, youth, parents, or community members.
  • Social work student interns are actively engaged in all AYCO activities, learning to recognize the cultural influence related to psychosocial well-being in immigrant communities.
  • Supervision and consultation are thoughtfully facilitated by skilled cultural leaders and community healing professionals (LCSW/community psychologist).
  • AYCO staff provide support, referrals and understanding of mental health resources and services.

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