Youth Services

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AYCO’s youth services provide a safe and supportive arena where staff and volunteers reflect the cultural communities of immigrant and refugee youth. Immigrant and refugee youth are resilient and have the capacity to face a multitude of challenges while also achieving their dreams. We host an array of programs that build on this resilience, taking a thoughtful approach to the needs, strengths and aspirations of these resilient youth.

Many of our former youth participants have gone from challenging circumstances to graduating from college, beginning rewarding careers and contributing to their communities as leaders and role-models. To support coming generations, AYCO continues to develop enduring partnerships and strong programs that are inspired by the resilient youth we work alongside.

AYCO youth participate in:

  • Athletics programs: We facilitate basketball and soccer programs. Our program coordinators and coaches encourage team building, sportsmanship, transferrable life skills and of course, FUN.
  • Tournaments: AYCO regularly coordinates basketball and soccer tournaments providing opportunities for large numbers of immigrant youth to participate.

  • Mentorship: Coaches are committed to mentoring participants beyond the courts and fields. AYCO also partners with Multnomah and Washington County Juvenile justice department to match skilled (culturally specific) mentors with youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system and their families.
  • Academic supports: Our youth coordinators bridge the gap between youth, schools and parents ensuring that youth and families have the best possible support as they navigate our complex educational systems.

  • Leadership training: Youth participants receive training to become the leaders of their generation and the mentors for generations to come.

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